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Finally bought the Halogen!

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Finally bought the Halogen!

Post  tpo on 21.07.12 21:00

Hello everyone.

Finally, after years of seeing this, I finally bought one today. The 7 ltr one (with extender ring) from Robert Dyas. Their own make NUO. As my kitchen in my flat is SOOO small, no room for a conventional oven - I've got my fridge freezer in the space.
I've got it out the box to check but yet to use it - a little aphrensive (apologies, I know I have spelt that wrong).
Annoyingly no cookbook with it but I will peruse this excellent website as the days go on. I did read, on another website, that if a conventional oven says to cook on say 200oc, reduce that time to 180oc - does that sound about right.
I know it will be trial and error no doubt for the first few occasions.
One thing though... I do buy several ready cooked meals (I know not exactly healthy but I do try to get the ones with low salt, sat fats etc) but as the majority of these are in plastic trays are they ok to go in the halogen or do I need to swap them into, say, a glass proof dish?

I'll trial it tomorrow.


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Re: Finally bought the Halogen!

Post  Reeta on 22.07.12 15:05

Welcome to the forum tpo

Just follow the cooking instruction for FAN OVEN, reduce the temp by about 20 degree. That's about it.

Plastic containers? If you can cook in it, in your 'big oven' then you can also use it in your halogen oven. If it's just for microwave use, then NO

I am glad you have joined us tpo



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