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Breaded Chicken Breasts

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Breaded Chicken Breasts Empty Breaded Chicken Breasts

Post  tomtom on 23.05.12 16:55

The HO come into its own with chicken. Here's a simple and quick fried chicken recipe. It needs Chicken Seasoning added to the mix. The recipe for that follows. My kids won't eat anything with bones - so thighs and wings are out. I use frozen chicken breasts in the £3.99 1kg packs from Tesco or Aldi. The quality of the ones from the big frozen foods specialists (you know who I mean) are often too nasty to bother with.

Defrost one large chicken breast or piece (per person). Don't defrost in the microwave, the result is not the same. Either put enough frozen breasts onto a plate. cover and defrost in the fridge (this can take two days in my fridge). Or do it the morning before you need to use them and defrost on a covered plate sitting on the worktop

Breaded Chicken Breast:

Into a food tray or bowl big enough to handle the chicken breast, put one tablespoon of Sage and Onion stuffing mix left whole, one tablespoon of Sage and Onion stuffing mix zazzed to a very fine powder in a food mill or processor, two tablespoons of plain flour and one tablespoon of chicken seasoning. Don't add any salt - there is easily enough in the other ingredients. Mix together. Done. This will coat 3-4 breasts though you may struggle a little to get that fourth one well-crumbed.

Put a non-stick frypan over a medium heat, add three tablespoons of plain oil and whirl around to evenly coat the pan. My 30cm pan will accommodate three big chicken breasts or four smaller ones.

If the defrosted breasts are really wet, pat dry with kitchen paper. Push each breast well into the crumb mix and make sure it is evenly coated all over - top, bottom and sides. No need for an egg wash, the crumb will stick. Lay into the pan and cook each breast for 2-3 minutes and then turn and cook the other side. If you are quick at flipping over, very little of the crumb will be lost.

The frying is just for colour and ensuring the crumb stays on the breast.

These need to be finished off in the HO - on the high rack, extender ring in place and cooked at 180-200c for 10-12 minutes turning over halfway through. Make sure they are cooked through by testing the fattest one. Leave to drain on kitchen paper for a few minutes while you plate up, because these are much better warm that scorching hot. They should be succulent and not at all dry.

You can make a version of the big supermarkets' hot/chilli/spiced chicken by simply adding one or two teaspoons of red chilli flakes (depending on how hot you want them) to your mix. I also tried curry powder, rather than chilli flakes, but the result wasn't as good.

Chicken Seasoning Mix:

This takes a couple of minutes to make. A knock-off of a well-known chain's mix, it will last for weeks if kept in a sterilised and absolutely dry jar, with the lid on tight and away from direct sunlight. Into the jar put:

8 tablespoons of plain flour
2 teaspoons of salt
2 -3 teaspoons of ground black pepper
1 teaspoon each of dried rosemary, oregano and basil
1 and a half teaspoons of garlic powder.

In a food mill/grinder zazz three or four chicken stock cubes to a fine powder (use the hard type of cube not the softer 'oily' type. I use Sainsbury's 'Basics' chicken stock cubes for this).

Add the powdered stock cubes to the jar, pop the lid on tight and shake. I use this seasoning mix as a quick marinade sprinkled over chicken or pork before cooking and will even sprinkle it over chicken, sausages and pork chops as they cook in the HO or barbecue outside.

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Breaded Chicken Breasts Empty Re: Breaded Chicken Breasts

Post  Reeta on 24.05.12 17:04

Thank you for sharing your favourite recipe and instruction with us TomTom

Greatly appreciated


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