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Lancashire Hot Pot

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Lancashire Hot Pot Empty Lancashire Hot Pot

Post  lonergan2468 on 13.05.12 13:58

Ask your butcher to dice the lamb meat, and also ask FOR THE BONES! so about 800GM of lamb.

Diced lamb 800GM
Lamb bones
Plain flour
Some lamb stock or veg stock, or chicken

One onion
Oil to fry...I use sunflower (healthy)
2 Bay leaves if you want
2 large potatoes
Worcestershire sauce
Salt and pepper
Tin of pre cooked carrots

Begin by caramelising the lamb bones:
Heat oil in a pan, throw in the bones, and on a high heat allow to caramelise. Make one pint of stock using oxo cubes...what ever you want. Pour over the caramelised bones and leave to simmer whilst you get on with the lamb.

In another pan heat some oil, throw in the diced lamb, and basically just allow it to brown, now throw on the chopped onion, allow it to soften.
Sift some flour in, stir, sift some more.
Pour in the stock from the other pot slowly, then stir in. (yes with the caramelised bones)
Add a few drops of the Worcestershire sauce.
Add salt and pepper, and bay leaf.
Throw in the carrots
Place in your casserole dish, apply lid, just leave it aside to settle as you prepare your potatoes.

Peel your potatoes, and slice thinly, just like crisps. Place in a container with some oil and shake.
Now place the potato slices on the top of the hotpot mixture, over lapping as you go around the surface.
Use the height adjuster ring, place on low rack.

I started on 160, but after 2 hours became impatient, so try 190 for 60 mins, then check progress by inserting a skewer in to check the meat. If you are satisfied then remove low rack and place the high rack in and put the casserole dish on top. Replace the lid, and turn temperature to 200, and allow the potatoes to brown further.

TIP: use only one layer of potatoes, as an under lair will sink and be somewhat hard..though these can be removed and grilles using the baking tray.

Bones: Always ask the butcher for bones, and if he has any more to spare.Great for adding to the stock. Just caramelise down

Now serve with some green beans, and a slice of thick soda bread !


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Lancashire Hot Pot Empty Re: Lancashire Hot Pot

Post  Reeta on 13.05.12 17:02

Thank you for taking the time to share your recipe/cooking instruction with us.

This will help so many HO users.

you are a star you are a star you are a star

thank you

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