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pork joint disaster, help needed

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pork joint disaster, help needed

Post  daz7505 on 11.04.12 18:10

hi, we bought a HO 2 days ago from costco, its a visicook cr3t. power 1300watts, looks same as andrew james HO
i tried to cook a 1.8kg pork joint in it yesterday, and it didnt turn out well.
i tried to follow the very vague instructions that came with the HO. after an hour at 200c, the joint was still very raw inside, after another 30 mins, still raw. i removed the crackling, and then cut the joint into small pieces to cook it for a further 30 mins to eventually cook it right thru. it tasted really nice once finally done, but an absolute pain in the backside to get it right.

we have bought this HO to put in our sandwich shop, to do hot pork and beef rolls for our customers.we want to buy a second one, so we have one for doing pork joints and one for doing beef joints. i dont want to install 2 normal ovens.

but we need help/assistance in getting timings, temps and weights right.


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Re: pork joint disaster, help needed

Post  junie on 11.04.12 18:22

Hi daz7505

If you type 'pork' or 'beef' into the search box you can find all the previous posts and recipes.

Here is a link to the pork joint recipes to get you started

You will find that the manufacturers claims and instructions are pretty much worthless which is why this forum exists. Have a good read when you get time. There's a lot of information on here already.


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