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seeking advice before I buy please

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seeking advice before I buy please

Post  donnapoppy on 08.04.12 23:10

Hi, I am considering buying a HO, but dont really have any idea where to start or what I am looking at. I recently bought an excellent breadmaker by doing a lot of research fuirst and although it wwas very pricey, I have been won over by it. I was hoping to do the same thing with a halogen over - that is look at reviews etc, but realise my basic knowledge is lacking before i start.

Can anyone recommend a good preference is to buy once, even if it is more expensive and have all the relevant features, rather than buy a cheapie that will end up in the back of the cupboard ( which is what happened to my first bread maker!!)

I am a single mum of 4 ( although a couple are off my hands) and it is usually my 6 yr old and 24 yr old amd myself what i cater for most evenings after work., I do a lot of freezing by bulk is a HO something that would help my purse and timetable?


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Re: seeking advice before I buy please

Post  ozziejude on 09.04.12 0:13

welcome Donnapoppy
I have had 2 HO one with a lid that was removable, I had to keep finding somewhere to put the lid, it had dials for temp and time which I found was not exact.
The one I have now is digital for temp and times and also has preset buttons for cakes etc. The lid is on an adjustable arm like a kenwood mixer so you raise the lid and it stays open.
It is 12 litre with an extentsion ring that turns it into 17lt which is great for roasting chickens, beef etc.
It cost me $49 aussie at a warehouse place here, I think you might call them pound shops, you can pay up to $200-$300 aussie here but I think they come out of the same factory because they do not look any different to me.
Reeta and Junie will help you for sure with them over there.
Hope this helps.

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Re: seeking advice before I buy please

Post  Reeta on 10.04.12 0:18

Hi Donna,
welcome to the forum.
This is one advice that I give to everyone 'buy one where you get extended warranty'

There's a good deal with Andrew James at the moment. Link here ANDREW JAMES HALOGEN OVEN
Reading the details of this HO and reviews will also help you to decide.

Good Luck

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Re: seeking advice before I buy please

Post  junie on 11.04.12 17:51

Welcome donnapoppy

I agree with Reeta about the warranty and have recently replaced a faulty HO with the Andrew James one that she has provided the link for. I'm very happy with it.

Some members like the hinged lid and others have found that there is no room for it to open if there are wall units above where it will sit.

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Re: seeking advice before I buy please

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