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The Zen of Supermarket Frozen Food

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The Zen of Supermarket Frozen Food

Post  npower1 on Sun 7 Feb - 17:55

A small experiment.

I have now tried crispy coated garlic mushrooms and battered onions rings from the frozen food section in Sainsburys. Both come with instructions for a 'normal' oven with a proviso for fan assisted ovens that I translate as 'Your on your own with these'. Both suggest a time with a pre heated oven temperature of 220C.

So far my best results have been obtained at 180C on the low rack in a baking tray in my H oven. The timing seems to be the critical part of the cooking. The difference between a cuttable coating and needing a sharp knife is where the art of cooking is needed. The time required for best results is significantly less than given in the instructions on the packaging e.g. 18 minutes becomes somewhere between 11 and 14 minutes. Turning over the items half way through does seems to be a good idea.

Does any one else have frozen food experience?


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Re: The Zen of Supermarket Frozen Food

Post  Reeta on Fri 12 Feb - 5:54

Hi npower1,

So far my experiences with supermarket frozen food in the HO have been very good.

Some of the things I have cooked are chips, chicken kiev, pizza, burgers, vegetarian sausages, onion rings, fish burgers, sausage rolls, waffles . . . and yes I do turn them over half way through the cooking (not the pizza)

For temp I use between 150c – 180c. Cooking time depend – for example my sons like onion rings that you can cut with a knife and I like mine crispy and crunchy, so I leave mine in the HO to cook a bit longer

I suppose if in the future Halogen Ovens become an essential part of every kitchen, then the food manufacturers will have to include cooking instructions for them as well

We have to wait and see Smile



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