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Mushrooms using only my H oven

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Mushrooms using only my H oven

Post  npower1 on 29.01.10 14:26

I want to try roasting button mushrooms in my Halogen oven. I intend to place them in a roasting tin on the high rack. However, I have no idea what temperature to use, or how long they need to be cooked for. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated! Would they need turning half way through?

All comments appreciated.


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Post  wimplebum on 30.01.10 16:10

Hi there npower,

I am not sure about roasting mushrooms in the halogen. I dont think you'd need to turn them. When they are cooking I cant see that you'd be able to turn them over as they may go too soft.

Chef Eric always suggests using a starting temperature of 175C for most things and as for timing, I would have thought possibly about 10-15 minutes. Its just a case of making notes of the temperature you use and the length of time. If you watch the mushrooms to see they don't overcook that would probably be the best way.

Hope this helps

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Re: Mushrooms using only my H oven

Post  npower1 on 31.01.10 13:41

Thankyou wimplebum. I will try your suggested temp and timing.

So far I tried just under 20 minutes at 200C on the high rack. They seemed over cooked.

And I tried without pre heating at 225C on the low rack for the first ten minutes (I was doing bacon on the top rack). Turned the heat down to 185C and left the mushrooms cooking whilst I ate the bacon. This took about ten minutes. Again the mushrooms seemed over cooked.

Note that I am using baby button mushrooms.

I will try your suggestion tomorrow.


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