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APPLE: Baked Apples

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APPLE: Baked Apples

Post  junie on 18.01.12 12:03

I don't peel apples - just personal choice.

Wash, dry and core, then stand upright in a Pyrex dish so the heat can get down the hollowed-out core and help cook the apples faster. Sprinkle a good pinch or two of sugar over each apple. Put on the high grill rack with extender ring in place.

I used small-ish apples, so I gave them 175 degrees for 10 minutes, Turned over, then gave them 10 minutes on the other side. Done. Larger apples will need longer to cook.


If you like cinnamon, add a pinch or two towards the end of cooking.


For each apple you are using, put two teaspoons of raisins or sultanas into a bowl. Add two teaspoons of Calvados per apple and mix. Let the raisins/sultanas soak for fifteen minutes then stuff into the hollowed-out core of each apple before baking.


Soak blackcurrants (or blackberries) in a little Cassis - the Dijon one (Boudier?) from Tesco is lovely. Stuff into the hollowed-out cores before baking.

I like baked apples cold (and wrinkly) with warm custard but the calvados-soaked raisin/sultanas apples or blackcurrants/berries in cassis apples are best slightly warm (but never hot) with cold cream or a good home-made vanilla ice cream.

Posted by tomtom on 17/1/12 at 22.30

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