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Chocolate chip cookies

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Chocolate chip cookies

Post  junehay on 17.01.12 7:51

Hello i am new to this forum i have had my halogen oven only a few days but my son wanted me to do some choch chip cookies. So i went to buy some mixture did what the box said pre heat oven but in to six balls and place on oven tray i but three on the bottom shelf and three on the top as they were cooking the top shelf cookies started to get dark brown so i took them out this was after about the recomended time but when i had look and tried them the underside of the cookies and the middle of them were uncooked so wasted

So i thought with the onthers on the bottom shelf to leave them in as they did not look cooked at this point i left them in till golden brown but after takingthem out the same problem as above the bottom sis was uncooked and insises anyone know what i have done wrong


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Re: Chocolate chip cookies

Post  kwakwaversal on 17.01.12 11:45

Junie or others might be best placed to give you help, but my first thought is the heat isn't getting to the underside of the cookies. Probably because of the oven tray.

You might need to use a different tray, or the metal wired shelf. That would allow the heat to be more consistent when cooking the cookie. (The tray is effectively shielding the bottom of the cookie, whilst the top is getting cooked as you'd expect.)



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Re: Chocolate chip cookies

Post  junie on 17.01.12 15:58


Thanks Kwa - cooking mesh really helps to let the heat get to the underside of the food - it's great with things like crumbed chicken, lightly dusted fish, chips and pizza. I'm not much of a baker so I haven't tried it on anything else.

It's a common problem when the heat comes from the top. When baking it is best to use the top rack with the extender in place and to preheat the oven. Reduce the heat and cook for a bit longer too.
The heat doesn't circulate well under the bottom rack and things can take a long time to cook especially when there is more food on the top rack.
Baking is the one area people find hardest to get right so you're not alone.
Have a good read around previous posts when you have time, they will help you get to grips with your new HO. Very Happy

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Re: Chocolate chip cookies

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