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to defrost or not to defrost?!?!?

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to defrost or not to defrost?!?!? Empty to defrost or not to defrost?!?!?

Post  tinksmummy on 16.01.12 18:31

Hello there,

I am very confused by the conflicting advice on whether foods need to be defrosted or not. I bought a flavorwave & the advert said there was no need to defrost. My oven arrived & there was a thawing option! I used to think certain foods like maybe either poultry or meat had to be defrosted before cooking for health/food poisoning reasons but all advice for halogen oven cooking suggested no need to defrost. I have cooked a whole chicken, beef & lamb steaks, pork steaks, all from frozen & so far no upset tummy or worse. I have just seen a post with a reply suggesting defrosting overnight rather than using the HO thaw option. I'm very confused. Have I just been lucky?! Is it actually dangerous to cook poultry or meat from frozen?!


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to defrost or not to defrost?!?!? Empty Re: to defrost or not to defrost?!?!?

Post  junie on 16.01.12 19:34

Hi and welcome tinksmummy

I don't think there's a hard and fast rule any more and I know the advertising says no need to defrost. My opinion is purely personal and I prefer to defrost poultry in the fridge. I'm old enough to have had cooking lessons at school and I was always taught that poultry has bacteria all the way through which quickly multiply in warmth, whereas on red meat the bacteria is on the surface and that's why it's ok to eat it rare. Pork has also benefited over the years from better farming methods.
If you are happy doing what you are doing, I don't see a problem as long as you are happy that the poultry in particular is thoroughly cooked.

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