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mixed results

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mixed results

Post  Maelbrigda on 07.01.12 4:26

got my HO today and cooked chicken fillets,5 small fillets in pyrex dish witha little oil at 175 degrees for half an hour. perfect

then tried a bought chicken pie, uncooked pastry, 200 degrees for 10 mins but seemed to be getting too brown too quick so i turned it down to 175 for another 10 min. Pastry was perfect, light and golden and crisp on top. meat inside was warm but not boiling so maybe could have had another 5 mins at the lower heat.

bacon was a disaster. 3 rashers in a silicone tray covered with tinfoil. 7 mins at 175 was still raw. turned it up to 225 and gave it another 5 mins. just warm. gave up and finished it off in the microwave.
What did i do wrong? was it the tinfoil?


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Re: mixed results

Post  junie on 07.01.12 16:51

Hi Maelbrigda

Well done on the chicken fillets.

Pies do better at a lower temperature for longer. The heat coming from the top cooks the top quickly. Try preheating your oven and use the top rack with the extender in place for the best heat circulation. Cover the top with foil for part of the cooking time if it is browning too fast.
You answered your own question with the bacon - no need for foil. Let the heat 'see' the bacon as it would under a grill - you can use a high heat for this too.

Good Luck with your next experiments - I think you have learned a great deal already clap

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