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Disaster with cheese on toast

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Disaster with cheese on toast

Post  Just Jacques on 29.12.11 18:24

Hi Folks,
I`m a great believe in the HO and tried my first go at Cheese on toast today - - -- an absolute disaster. I have the cookshop HO and tried first doing it with the bread toasted and then not toasted and straight in the oven I didn`t use the extender ring and put it on first at 5 minutes and 200C the cheese bubbled but didnt`t brown. I had a burnt offering with the bread and the cheese just din`t brown. Tried a second time without toasting the bread and STILL the cheese didn`t brown even at 250C and 10 minutes. I ate a VERY dehydrated tea -- - - help someone please

Just Jacques Very Happy
Just Jacques

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Re: Disaster with cheese on toast

Post  junie on 29.12.11 20:32

Welcome Just Jacques

Here is an extract from a reply I posted previously - it never fails for me -

I've toasted several breads and none cook in less than 5 minutes. You do have to remember that your HO only has the heat coming from the top - a toaster has elements on both sides of the bread. I use full heat and place the bread on the top rack - no need to turn the bread as it crisps, even if it's not brown on the bottom - I let it crisp slightly then add the cheese - loverly!!!

Some cheeses melt and bubble but don't brown - this is also ok.

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Re: Disaster with cheese on toast

Post  Reeta on 29.12.11 22:51

welcome-banner.gif to the forum Jacques

we are happy to see you on board

Some cheese do not turn brown under the grill, such as low fat cheese and some fake cheese made out of oil mixed with gm starch and not milk. This is called cheese food.


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Re: Disaster with cheese on toast

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