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At Last...I've Got One!!!

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At Last...I've Got One!!!

Post  mummymaid on 27.12.11 19:02

Hi all I am new here, found this great site looking for recipes on cooking chips Very Happy

I have been wanting a Halogen Oven for yonks but kept putting it off, I mean we have a combination microwave and a new-ish oven...passed on from parents. So why waste money on an HO.

Anyhooooo, my parents asked us if we would like one for christmas...snapped their hands off and took proud delivery on Christmas Eve.

So far its been used every single day and mainly with minor things...toast, pizza, bread rolls and today french fries.

My problem is that the fries we need to cook don't fit on the little baking tin that came with the oven and wondered if I can cook straight in the glass bowl...have piled up the tin so we'll see.

So far loving the look of all the recipes and can't wait to try some of them out.
cool cool


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Re: At Last...I've Got One!!!

Post  Reeta on 28.12.11 9:32

Hello and Welcome to the forum mummymaid

So mum and dad have been playing Santa again cool

For the fries to cook evenly you need to place them on a rack to allow hot air to circulate all around. You need a tray/container that is higher than the one they provide. Just use cooking tongs to turn the chips (move them about a bit) half way through cooking.
When cooking a lot of frozen chips/fries I use a cake baking tin 24 to 26cms in my oven. It does the job.

Someone posted a great tip the other day - use the old style chips basket with the handle removed of course.

If you have an extender ring, use your high rack.

You will find lots of tips and advice in the previous posts.


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Re: At Last...I've Got One!!!

Post  junie on 28.12.11 15:45

Welcome mummymaid

What a great pressie from Santa Very Happy

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Re: At Last...I've Got One!!!

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