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Hi Everyone

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Hi Everyone

Post  bronkone7 on 17.11.11 22:29

Hi All,
New to the site & new to Halogen ovens.We just got our 1st one (Andrew James).My wife laid foil on the bottom of the bowl and sliced quite small;potatoes ,carrots,& leek, and put brocolli in a foil basket with some water.
Temp. was set at 250 degrees for 20 mins..After this time all vegetables where still uncooked so wifey increased time for another 20 minutes,at the end of this some bits of leek and potatoe where starting to blacken on the edge,but gave it another few minutes cos some veg still quite hard.She then put on top grill, lamb steaks which after 10 minutes,5 each side where lovely.
The Brocolli in the foil parcil was a bit black on the edges but the meal overall was quite tasty.
As the meal took about an hour in total,with abit of mucking around keep taking lid off to turn vegetables,we're not sure if the oven is advantageous.
Any advice would be most welcome.
Many thanks


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Re: Hi Everyone

Post  junie on 18.11.11 11:47

Welcome Brian

You do need to use the racks as hot air can't circulate underneath your food - make sure there is space around the edges too. I know other members barboil potatoes and harder veg. You are better sealing your veg in a foil parcel with a small amount of liquid to create steam. Start them on the top rack, then lower to the bottom rack when doing your meat.
I tend to cook things that I would have cooked inside my 'big' oven in the HO but I still use my hob to steam or stirfry. The HO does roast and grill beautifully. Very Happy

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Re: Hi Everyone

Post  Reeta on 19.11.11 16:25

welcome-banner.gif to the forum Brian

We are happy to see you on board


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Re: Hi Everyone

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