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food is not getting cooked underneath

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food is not getting cooked underneath

Post  gazza75 on 03.10.11 20:03

hi all,

i purchased this oven a few weeks ago.

i used it to cook a pizza and garlic bread the other day.
while the top of the pizza was very crispy and the top of the garlic bread was cooked. the underside was still not cooked.

any advice or tips very welcome


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Re: food is not getting cooked underneath

Post  ana.henley on 05.10.11 10:31


I have a similar problem with cooking pizza. Tried it last night and although the top was crispy and lush the bottom was soggy and i was so disappointed.
Ive seen a few posts about some kind of metal material you can buy to put under the pizza ensuring the air circulates around the HO and cooks the underneath. But surely theres another way.. my HO came with two trays, a baking tray and a steamer tray (could i use these to improve the crunchyness of the base)?
When i cooked it last night i put it on the low rack for about 10 minutes. would putting it on the high rack improve it at all?

Anyone got any advice? Please?



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Re: food is not getting cooked underneath

Post  junie on 05.10.11 14:58

Hi gazza75 and Ana

The steamer tray will help the hot air get to the base, you can use pizza mesh or even just place the pizza directly on the rack.

It is always best to use the high rack with the extender in place - the air circulates so much better. It also helps to preheat your oven for about 5 minutes when you need to crisp the bottom of any food. Lower the temperature and cook for a bit longer and you'll get great results - this is because the heat is coming from the top and browning your pizza before the base has time to cook.

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