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Not Sure About Buying One

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Not Sure About Buying One

Post  JaneGael on 02.10.11 2:31

I just discovered the halogen oven today and have spent a good bit of time researching them. It seems that the quality reviews are all over the place from great to avoid like the plague. I'm also having a hard time finding recipes. Usually the lack of recipes is a good indicator that the product is not ready for prime time, but I found that it's been in use in Europe for some time. Hmmm.

So here I am trying to decide if I want to buy a halogen oven. I want to cook simple meals of chicken or beef and vegetables, not gourmet dishes with fancy ingredients. I want an easier way to cook healthier, but I don't yet know if this is it. Smile


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Re: Not Sure About Buying One

Post  Fiona on 02.10.11 10:11

Hi I was debating on a halogen oven for months then parents got one a couple of months ago and they have found it great so I jumped in and got one.

My main reason for buying is that there is only me and after losing weight the last thing I want to do is fill my oven with bread and cakes while cooking other things to utilise a conventional oven to it's full potential.

Used it only a little so far (only had it a week or so and learning). Today I've popped a slow roasting shoulder of pork in. Already been cooking it for and hour when I read on here about wrapping it up first. Rolling Eyes
It is a 1.5 kilo joint so following the distructions in a halogen oven book I'm cooking on 170C for 1hr 20 mins.
I've stood some little halved onions in boiling water for and hour (plus 5 mins in the microwave) to cook them and when I take the crackling off to crisp up I'll put them in the oven to brown and sweeten up along with the mushrooms.


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Re: Not Sure About Buying One

Post  junie on 02.10.11 16:12

Welcome JaneGael and Fiona

You'll find loads of varied recipes in our recipe A-Z and lots of info in the previous posts. I couldn't live without my little oven now.

If you need help, you know where we are.

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Re: Not Sure About Buying One

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