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Savoury Flan

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Savoury Flan Empty Savoury Flan

Post  Maggie54 on 17.08.11 13:06

Well, I have finally managed to work out this recipe for a savoury flan. I have made it as a starter.

For two people

2 eggs
100mls single cream
18grms cornflour
35grms grated cheese
1 small onion or two spring onions, finely diced
salt and pepper

To this basic mix add a total of 250grms of the following. Personally, I would limit myself to no more than two varieties.
Tomatoes, skinned, seeds and core removed, finely diced.
Chopped asparagus
Courgette, finely diced
Well drained tinned salmon or tuna
Cooked ham, finely diced.

Any herbs such as parsley, chives, or spices such as a pinch of cumin or cayenne pepper, depending on choice of additional fillings.

Whisk the eggs and cream together.
Put the cornflour into a small bowl, pour a little of the egg/cream mixture in. Blend with a teaspoon then pour back into the main mix.
Stir in the onion and cheese.
Add up to two additional fillings weighing 250grms together.
Add seasonings and any herbs or spices and give a final stir to mix everything evenly.

Divide the mixture between two ramekins

High rack
Extender ring
Preheat at 140°

Boil a kettle of water, pour it into a dish and stand the ramekins in so that the water reaches two thirds up the sides.
Put the baim marie into the Halogen Oven and cook for 30 to 35 minutes.

When cool, run a knife around the ramekin and turn out onto plates. Serve with a little watercress or green salad.
I found these cooked better in the foil ramekin dishes rather than my pyrex ones and I use one of my round metal cake tins for the bain marie

Although I haven't tried it, I reckon this mix could be used in a pastry case to make a quiche, but would probably have to be cooked for longer.


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Savoury Flan Empty Re: Savoury Flan

Post  Guest on 17.08.11 13:23

Oh Maggie sounds lovely I'm going to do this both ways today, really sounds yummy!


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Savoury Flan Empty Re: Savoury Flan

Post  junie on 17.08.11 14:33

thank you Maggie

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Savoury Flan Empty Re: Savoury Flan

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