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hello all.its been a while

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hello all.its been a while Empty hello all.its been a while

Post  lilchook on 03.08.11 1:00

Gee its been such a long time since I last posted but just thought I would say hi and catch up. I use my little oven every day now for anything I would normally use the big oven or the griller to cook.Cakes are magical -especially since bought the fluted cake tin at our local supermarket- just an elcheapo one for about $10.00.It really makes a difference to how the cake browns on the bottom and to the cooking time. I usually preheat to about 170 and then turn it down to about 150 once it has recovered its heat from having the lid off. I use the extender ring thingie on top and put the cake on the lowest rack on the bottom- just enough to get the actual tin off the bottom of the oven. Usually takes about 45 mins to cook but testing is the way to make sure.
I actually cooked a size 30 turkey in it at christmas time- out on the patio to avoid the heat in the kitchen. It cooked in no time.I cooked the bottom first and then flipped it over with a bit of foil at first stop the breast from ddrying out and then just finished it off to brown.I nearly always use the extender ring to create a bigger space for the heat to circulate and to avoid too much direct heat unless I am trying to crisp something quickly- like pies or chips once they are cooked.
I have also done legs of lamb and baked vegies. Once the meat is cooked just cover it to let it rest and while that is happening you can do the veges.If they are already cooked in the microwave all they need is to be browned. I am cooking for at least 5 adults most of the time and I find the oven wonderful. Especially in summer in Aus! Cheers! Smile


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hello all.its been a while Empty Re: hello all.its been a while

Post  junie on 03.08.11 16:36

Hi again lilchook

Nice to hear from you and I'm so glad that you are getting such great use of your HO. I couldn't be without it either now.

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