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Help with securing foil to stop burning.

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Help with securing foil to stop burning.

Post  marshall on Tue 22 Mar - 16:38

I understand that to stop things burning, the use of foil is recommended. It is quite difficult to attach foil to a hot dish. If not anchored securely the foil blows around the bowl. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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Re: Help with securing foil to stop burning.

Post  Reeta on Tue 22 Mar - 20:36

This is where you need silicone oven gloves.


if you are cooking on the bottom rack, then wrap the foil to cover the top rack and place the top rack over whatever you are cooking.

hope this helps


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Re: Help with securing foil to stop burning.

Post  Artielady on Tue 1 Nov - 14:51

Hi, I have just got my oven and am still experimenting. Wouldn't you be able to make a "glue" out of flour and water - make into a paste - stick your foil onto your plate with that to make a seal? I'm just theorising here, but I think that could work? The paste would cook and glue your foil down? Worth a try hey?


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Re: Help with securing foil to stop burning.

Post  junie on Wed 2 Nov - 13:01

Hi Marshall

If you are cooking on the top rack you can cover the bottom rack with foil and place it on the top of your dish.


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