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Kitchen gadget addict..

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Kitchen gadget addict..

Post  Scoobypups on 22.03.11 9:26

Hello everyone,

another Newbie arrived.. totally green and eager to learn.

New oven should arrive today and I'm really looking forward to using it, and saving some money.

Apart from using it in the house, I want to use it in the Motorhome, due to a poor gas oven in there. It may be a bit large so the awning might be its home. Has anyone used it in a van at all? Much steam?

We are also considering moving to South West France, would it work ok over there? Change the plug or use an adapter?

So many questions. Looking forward to hearing the answers and learning much more.

I've bought the Andrew James 12 ltr, plus two books, as the reviews were complaining that not much information came with the oven, good old Amazon, so helpful in that respect.

Better get back to the window, dont want to miss the postie..

Best Wishes


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Re: Kitchen gadget addict..

Post  Reeta on 22.03.11 17:54

Hello and Welcome to the forum Jacqui.

We have members living in France as well as members using the halogen oven in their caravan, so I let them give you the answers to your questions Smile

Glad you've joined us


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Re: Kitchen gadget addict..

Post  junie on 23.03.11 12:03

Welcome Jacqui

I use my HO in my touring caravan - no steam problems. You would need to use an adapter in France and you may find it has a slightly lower output due to reduced voltage - shouldn't be too noticable.

The only thing to watch is the campsite supply on the posts, particularly abroad. If your HO is 1400w, you have to divide that by your supply voltage (in this country 230 volts). That is just over 6 amps - some sights only supply 6 amps so you could have a problem. I'm not sure of the supply in France but I think its either 210 or 220 volts - this would mean you HO would draw 6.67 amps or 6.37 amps respectively.

Caravan club sights in the UK supply 16 amps so there would be no problem.

I hope this helps.

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Re: Kitchen gadget addict..

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