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Camping with Halogen..

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Camping with Halogen..

Post  Scoobypups on 21.03.11 20:15

Hello everyone, my new halogen oven should arrive tomorrow, and I'm very excited. (I know, I should get out more.)
My question is, does anyone know if the power of these machines is suitable for the electric hook ups that you get on British camp sites? I have been wondering whether or not its going to be too powerful for the sometimes 10 ampage?
My partner and I own a Motorhome, which has a poor quality gas oven, so I thought a halogen oven would be ideal.
I'd be grateful for any tips?
Many thanks, Jacqui.


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Re: Camping with Halogen..

Post  Reeta on 21.03.11 23:00

hi Jacqui
June is the lady who does all the travelling in her motorhome.

Other members have asked these questions before and here's June's replies:

Hi Lizzy,
I have just joined the forum today. We have bought the 7 litre model to use in our touring caravan (not delivered yet). It is 1000W and will draw less than 5 amps from the post (1300 models will be around 6 amps). Caravan club posts have a 16 amp supply so no problem. If on other sites, the supply can be as low as 6 amps. You would just need to check your supply and make sure you don't have too much plugged in.
We'll hopefully be trying ours out towards the end of March.
Hope this is helpful, Junie

Posted on Wed 24 Feb 2010 - 18:21


I use a smaller 7 litre model in my touring caravan. I have bought the Aldi one mainly for the house.
The only thing to watch would be how much power on the post. Caravan Club sites give a maximum of 16 Amps but some commercial sites can be lower than 6 Amps. The Aldi model will draw up to just under 6.1 Amps.

Hope this helps.
Posted on Thu 20 Jan 2011 - 21:10


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Re: Camping with Halogen..

Post  Scoobypups on 22.03.11 8:33

Hi Reeta,
thank you for your prompt reply.

I only found this site yesterday, and didnt really have the time to look through it very thoroughly. (Too busy shopping for food, for the experimenting of the oven hopefully coming today)

You and June have answered my question perfectly.

Thanks again, best wishes


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Re: Camping with Halogen..

Post  junie on 23.03.11 12:16

Hi Jacqui

I have answered your question in relation to your specific enquiry on the introduce yourself section. Happy camping. Very Happy


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Re: Camping with Halogen..

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