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Can I cook a stew in Halogen Oven?

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Can I cook a stew in Halogen Oven?

Post  Barry Walker on 15.03.11 18:23

I am thinking about buying a Halogen oven and would like to know if I can cook a stew in one

Barry Walker

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Re: Can I cook a stew in Halogen Oven?

Post  Reeta on 15.03.11 21:13

Yes you can cook stew in your Halogen Oven

Here's a lamb stew recipe

You will find advice on beef stew here


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Re: Can I cook a stew in Halogen Oven?

Post  MaryMer on 23.05.11 22:16

Hi guys, I really feel like experimenting,I think a stew is the only thing I haven't cooked in my halogen oven (yes, I've cooked popcorn... Laughing
In fact I have a recipe of halogen oven stew in a book, but I never gave it any credit. The good thing is that you don't use the stove at all...everything is done in the halogen oven. So it's a camping recipe!!!!
Basically, you place your seasoned meat and oil in an ovenproof container (can be an ordinary metal stovetop one), place it in the low rack of your oven and cook for 15min, 180ºC.
Then you add 2 cups of water and your veggies: potatoes, carrot, green beans.. and cook for 35min, 150ºC till vegetables are done.
Finally, you add 3 tsp flour dissolved in a little water; this will thicken the dish. You wait a couple of minutes until it thickens and add parsley.
It is advised to let the cooked stew "rest" inside the oven for 5 minutes.
In principle, it seems to me time is not enough...especially if you add the water cold (recipe doesn't specify). I like the 2-hour cooking beef stew recipe posted in this forum more...But anyway I feel like cooking a stew in my halogen oven!


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Re: Can I cook a stew in Halogen Oven?

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