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faulty carry handle ?

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faulty carry handle ? Empty faulty carry handle ?

Post  Dave101 on 28.02.11 0:50

Pretty new here so not sure of the rules yet so please move to the appropriate area or remove if necessary.

I bought the Prolex halogen oven a couple of weeks ago and I just managed to break the carry handle.
Since I was following the manual this is either a one off fault or a design flaw, will be returning it tomorrow and exchanging for another one so will keep you posted if it happens again.

The carry handle is attached by 2 plastic pins these have a split and a raised ridge at the end.
This means they push into a hole then spring out again to lock in place.

Point is this means the entire weight of the lid is taken by 4 small pieces of plastic about 1 quarter inch by 1 sixteenth.

I suggest any owners treat it gently during use.
Would also be interested if anyone has had similar experiences with this or another model.


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faulty carry handle ? Empty Poor quality Prolex Halogen Oven. Buy or avoid ?

Post  Reeta on 01.03.11 22:55

Hi Dave,
you have already told us what happened to your timer just after a week (Quote your post below) and now this?

Is it just bad luck or should the Prolex Halogen Oven be avoided?

If anyone else having problems with their Prolex Halogen Oven, we would like to know, please

Thank you for taking the time to share this with us Dave. It will help other people when choosing their oven.


Dave101 wrote:Had my Prolex oven a week now all was well until tonight when I messed up, its something that could catch anyone out.

The timer is clockwork if you are setting any time less than 10 min it may not work if you just turn it to the time, above ten minutes it seems fine.

I guess the spring needs winding up I believe its best to turn well past the time needed then turn it back to the time you want.
Make certain its ticking, I just set something for 5 minutes and the timer failed, they oven was on till I remembered to check.
Cremated sausages thankfully no fire.

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faulty carry handle ? Empty Re: faulty carry handle ?

Post  Dave101 on 02.03.11 0:21

Well I exchanged the over without any trouble and am happily using the replacement.
Should it fail again I would have to conclude its a design problem.

2 points
Firstly it was on sale in B&M stores near me they are a bargain store that tends in my opinion remaindered stock.
Items especially foodstuffs are there for a week or so then gone for good.
It could be another store has abandoned this model and they are being sold off cheap.
B&M sell it for £29.

the other point is how the breakage occurred the manual reads
Lift the top using the carrying handle.
Place the top preferably resting the stainless steel edge rim and the handle / plastic top on a flat surface.

It was while trying to safely invert the lid that the handle broke, well I am never going to do that again I am using a metal rack to place the lid on, that way I am putting no extra strain on the handle.

Should I really make full use of this type of oven and it doesnt end up gathering dust in a cupboard I will probably get a better model later on.

I did see one that has an electric timer and the lid hinged up instead of being removed entirely, this seems a better idea though it was some £69

Thank you for the help received you have made me very welcome I hope I soon have something positive to contribute.


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faulty carry handle ? Empty Prolex halogen oven - faulty handle

Post  chen234 on 09.08.11 21:16

I too have had a problem with the lid on my Prolex halogen oven. The first time I used it, the handle snapped off and the lid burnt my arm. Needless to say I shall be returning it. This was too from B&M..


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faulty carry handle ? Empty Prolex oven 4 months on

Post  Dave101 on 09.08.11 21:54

I broke my carry handle obeying the instructions, they said I could lie the top down on its side or back.

I took this to mean lift it by the handle and maneuver the heavy top through 180 degrees.

You cannot do this it is too unstable because the handle tilts and also because it puts far too much strain on the plastic pins.

Nowadays I simply lift the oven top straight up and place it element side down on a wire rack.

Over 4 months of heavy use later its holding up well.
It gets used 4 or 5 times a week and I couldn't be more pleased.

I still think there is a design weakness there and it could cause an accident.
I think in future just to be safe I will lift the lid in two hands holding the plastic housing.

Other problems discovered in use, the wire "tongs" they provide for lifting the racks out are totally and utterly useless.
They do not provide a safe grip on the wire esp if they become covered in oil or grease.

I made a pair of lifting arms out of a couple of wire coat hangers.
These hook under the wire rather than relying on friction and are completely secure.


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faulty carry handle ? Empty Re: faulty carry handle ?

Post  junie on 10.08.11 12:44

Hi Dave101 and chen234

Dave, I'm glad that you are getting the use of your oven despite the problems you have had.
It does sound as if there is a real weakness here and I'm sorry that you have found out the hard way chen234. pale
The tongs certainly aren't the best designed tool - I like the coathanger idea. clap

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faulty carry handle ? Empty Easy Handle Fix Prolex Oven

Post  Bwy39 on 13.03.16 10:18

I have had my Prolex oven for a few years now.
Not long after purchase the handle broke just as members have described here.
I know the oven is not expensive and can be replaced for around the £30 mark but I wanted to find a way to fix it (I am like that).
The best idea I came up with was so simple and it has worked for some years now with no problem at all.
I sorted out a small wood screw then made sure the head fitted in to the hole on the oven.
Fixing the screw in the handle to replace the plastic pivot pin then replace the handle.
I now have a stronger handle which performs brilliantly and has done for a few years.
Good luck and I would love to know if anyone has done the same thing.


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faulty carry handle ? Empty Prolex oven some years on

Post  Dave101 on 13.03.16 13:08

Never had another problem with mine it held up well for a good few years without problem.

2 years ago I bought the Aldi version its marked as Delta almost identicle except it had a spacer ring to increase the height and capacity of the oven.
Handle seems a little more robust too.

If anything happens to this oven I will be looking at the Salter no/low fat fryer the mesh baskets look very useful.
They are marketed as Salter Tower and Versa but all look the same.
Price varies have seen £49 but also they have been discounted as low as £20


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faulty carry handle ? Empty Re: faulty carry handle ?

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