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Roasting Tin, when and when not to use?

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Roasting Tin, when and when not to use?

Post  npower1 on 13.12.09 18:44

According to my HO cook book it says to use a roasting tin for gammon, but does not mention using a roasting tin for bacon. I used one any way and the bacon was fine, but would it have been better if the bacon had been directly on the high rack (before anyone says anything, yes I will try it to find out what difference, if any, it makes).

So, I could run experiments with and without a roasting tin for each item I cook but are there any general guidelines which should influence me? For example, since the HO has a self cleaning function, letting juices fall to the bottom of the bowl does not have the same implications as doing so in a CO.


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roasting tins

Post  brocklesby on 19.12.09 11:20

I have not used any roasting tins. I just place the meat of any kind on the rack, turn it after half the cooking time. having the meat on the rack allows the juices to drip away.
I cooked two salmon fillets last night for approximately 8 minute and they were perfect, I suppose it is the choice of the individual what they want to use.

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